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5 podcasts to listen to to boost your self-esteem

What if a podcast could help you change your perception of yourself and give you a boost of self-confidence? find  5 podcasts to listen to to boost self-esteem.

Available for free online, to listen to wherever and whenever you want, podcasts are a great way to put yourself in a little bubble and reconnect with yourself. In order to find keys to loving yourself more and boosting your self-esteem, opt for podcasts on psychology and personal development. Put on your headphones and let's go!

New habits to adopt to work and improve your self-esteem

In his podcast entitled “I'm scared, therefore I'm going”, Stef Bluelips, personal development coach, shares advice to help face certain situations in your daily life that can be difficult to manage. In the episode, ' Self-Esteem: 8 Habits to Improve It', she discusses the difference between self-esteem and self-confidence. And it is with benevolence and without language of wood that she helps you to spot the signs of a lack of self-esteem and above all that she provides concrete ways to work and boost your self-esteem.

The experiences of others to relieve guilt and regain self-confidence

In her Podcast on the art of failing called “ The lesson ”, Paulette Grisoni invites and discusses with personalities (actors, starred chefs, comedians, etc.). In each episode, each of them recounts a failure they faced in their life and the lesson they learned from it. A different way of approaching situations of failure and the lack of self-confidence that can result from it. But above all, this podcast is a great way to relieve guilt, to realize that we are not the only ones to have doubts, to make mistakes, to miss what we are undertaking and that it is, of course, possible. to bounce back and regain self-confidence!

A meditation session to increase your self-esteem

Among the simple exercises to strengthen self-esteem, we find meditation sessions. And good news, to practice them, there are many podcasts to listen to every day! To begin, prefer a guided meditation. The one we chose is from the podcast called “I meditate every day”, episode “ 10 min to boost your confidence and self-esteem ”. Make yourself comfortable, sitting or lying down, in a quiet place, breathe, close your eyes and let yourself be guided by the voice of Harry, creator of the podcast.

An episode to understand the difference between self-confidence and self-esteem

Coup de boost is the podcast which, as its name suggests, gives you a boost in just a few minutes. Over the episodes, Laurie Zed addresses various themes around positive psychology and personal development. In one of her episodes, she explains the difference between self-confidence and self-esteem. This allows you to have the keys to work and develop these two axes and feel better on a daily basis. Good listening !


An easy tip to regain self-confidence!

In the podcast "You have the power", Sophia Andréa, self-esteem coach, offers to decipher the mechanisms of self-confidence "for overly nice girls who want to free themselves from their fear of the gaze of others" , as she says. In the episode, “ The No. 1 Rule of Self-Confidence ”, she offers a simple technique to boost your self-esteem on a daily basis.


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