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Where are your products made?

Our products are manufactured in a laboratory in France, and more precisely in Normandy!

Are your products natural, organic?

Yes, our products are all cosmecert certified according to the standard cosmos reference, with a very high proportion of organic ingredients.

Where can we find your products?

For the moment, you can find all our products on our website. This is just the beginning !

Are there allergens in your products?

Our formulas have been worked so that no allergen is present. The only exception is Pure Detox , which contains Tea Tree essential oil.

What are the advantages of cold saponification?

It is an artisanal process which makes it possible to preserve to the maximum the various properties of the ingredients which one uses. A cold saponified soap is naturally rich in glycerine.

The use of cold saponification also makes it possible to produce soaps that are respectful of nature, in fact it consumes little energy and produces little waste.

Are cosmetic products vegan?

Yes ! The formulas of our products are 100% vegan and none of our ingredients are derived from animal exploitation, nor tested on them as indicated by European regulations.

Do your products contain sulphates, silicones or others?

Nope ! Our formulas are minimalist with a very strict formulation charter. Safety is paramount at On Behalf. They do not contain any controversial ingredients. They therefore do not contain sulphate, silicone...

I have the impression that my product is not well enough protected

Rest assured ! Our products are perfectly protected!

We have deliberately put as little packaging as possible while keeping the balance between protection and product design. In addition, our paper and cardboard are FSC certified.

Where do your strings come from?

All our ropes are made in France. They are made of natural organic cotton, GOTS & OEKO-TEX certified

Note that darker colors may rub off slightly on the soaps over time, but this does not affect the effectiveness of the product and is absolutely not dangerous!

Les enfants peuvent-ils utiliser les Suspendus ?

Nos Suspendus peuvent être utilisés pour les enfants à partir de 3 ans.

Comment utiliser notre porte savon magnétique aimanté ? 

Étape 1 : Enfoncez la capsule métallique au centre de l’étoile

Étape 2 : Attendre 8h pour que la canule tienne bien

Étape 3 : Humidifiez la ventouse

Étape 4 : Fixez la ventouse sur une surface plate et attendre quelques minutes

Étape 5 : Fixez votre ventouse

Cleansing care

How can I store my soap?

Avoid letting your soap “bathe” in water, it will burn out faster. Use the magic rope to hang it, or one of our soap dishes that lets the water flow. When traveling, you can use one of our carrying cases !

Why is there a hole in your products?

The 9mm “hole” created on our cleansing care allows:

- better soap drying (and therefore conservation) when it is on a soap dish

-it is used to pass the magic cord to suspend the treatments, for a pleasure experience

Where does the color of soap come from?

The color of the soap comes from the presence of colored clay. No panic everything is natural! No dye!

Are your products suitable for pregnant/breastfeeding women?

Yes, except Pure Detox which contains Tea Tree essential oil and is therefore not recommended for pregnant women.

Are the Suspendus suitable for young children?

Yes ! As a precautionary measure, we recommend that you use them on children over 3 years old, and 6 years old for Pure Detox.

How long does one of your soaps last?

If you hang your soap, it can last between 2 and 3 months. It is therefore the equivalent of 2 to 3 bottles of 250ml shower gel.

Of course, this may vary depending on your use (frequency, number of people using it).

Does the cleansing care foam as much as a classic soap (shower gel)?

Thanks to cold saponification, which preserves the different properties of the ingredients, adult cleansing care lathers well without additives.
Children's cleansing products, on the other hand, have a creamy texture.
Our formulas are natural and certified organic, without sulphates, in this context, there is no ingredient that can make the soap more lather.

How to transport your soap?

To transport your soap, nothing could be simpler! We have developed various accessories, such as the carrying pouch . It will allow you to take your soap everywhere with you!

Do On Behalf soaps smell good?

Yes 🥰! We develop our products with a perfumer. The perfumes are certified cosmos 100% natural, without allergens. The dream !

Can the soap be used to remove make-up?

Even if it seems strange to you, solid soap is the most effective method to clean the skin properly! Use a natural soap with quality active ingredients! You can therefore use a soap to remove your make-up, but be careful around the eye contour. In case of contact with the eyes, rinse thoroughly with clear water!

How to store your soap before use?

Before using your soap, you can very well leave it in its packaging and put it in a dry cupboard.

Does my soap go in the airplane cabin?

GOOD NEWS ! Your solid cosmetics can travel with you. You just need to protect them well in one of our accessories , it will not suffer any shock! 😎 In addition, thanks to our mini formats , you can easily slip On Behalf cleansing care into your toiletry bag to go on the weekend.

Where do your strings come from?

All our ropes are made in France. They are made of natural organic cotton, GOTS & OEKO-TEX certified

Note that darker colors may rub off slightly on the soaps over time, but this does not affect the effectiveness of the product and is absolutely not dangerous!

What is a surgras soap?

Surgras soap is a soap enriched with superfatting nutritive agents such as sweet almond oil for example, which allows it to cleanse the skin without ever drying it out. On Behalf treatments are rich in oils (organic coconut, organic shea, organic avocado, organic carrot, organic sweet almond, organic jojoba, etc.) and are naturally superfatted thanks to the cold saponification process.

The perfect gentle cleansing care for children

Do children's products contain dyes?

No, none of our gentle cleansing products for children contain dyes. 🥳 The color is given by the clays and the ingredients present in our formulas.

Why is the texture not as foamy as other products?

The texture of the children's range is more creamy than foamy.

We made this choice because:
- we didn't want to add sulphate
- we wanted it to be certified organic.

But today, in the Cosmos repository, apart from sulfates, there are no very foaming agents. So we did the best we could!

With cold saponification, on the other hand, no worries, the treatments foam naturally!

How to use the perfect gentle cleansing care?

For face and body application: moisten then lather in the hands.

For a hair application: you just have to apply it directly and evenly on the very damp hair in order to make it foam well.

To keep your care soap longer, we advise you to keep it on our magic care holder and avoid dropping it in the bath water!

Does the care help detangling?

Absolutely ! The treatments contain detangling agents to avoid crying because of knots!

Are the perfumes clean?

Yes ! The fragrances of our On Behalf products are as clean as possible! They are cosmos certified and 100% natural. It was very important for us to manage to make fun and very demanding treatments on the formulation.

The stick

Is the cardboard tube water resistant?

The packaging of our nourishing stick is slightly water resistant. However, since it is cardboard, it was not designed to go underwater for long periods of time. Prefer your toilet bag or your drawer to the edge of the sink!

I'm coming to the end of my stick, how can I best push it?

If you feel a blockage with the push-up, warm the tube in your hands or in a warmer room. Indeed, the stick had to soften a little.
Tip: if you still can't do it: take a pencil or a toothbrush to help you (even if your nails are long).


What are the accepted means of payment?

We accept payment by credit card (Mastercard or Visa), Amex, Paypal and Apple Pay. For any other means of payment, please contact us by email at

Are payments secure?

Yes, 3D Secure payment with Stripe and Paypal.

Deliveries & returns

Can I change my order or my delivery address?

Unfortunately, once the order has been validated, it is no longer possible to modify or cancel it.

We advise you to contact our customer service:

What are the delivery times ?

This will depend on the delivery method you choose. More information HERE

However, during the launch period, therefore under pre-order, order preparation times may be extended.

Can I track my order?

You will receive or have received several emails to confirm your order, inform you of its preparation, then of its shipment and finally of its delivery. The tracking number of your package will be communicated to you as soon as possible so that you can follow its delivery.

If you have a customer account, you can track your package directly in your space. 😉

Is it possible to deliver abroad?

Yes of course ! For countries outside the European Union, customs fees may apply. They are your responsibility and will be requested upon delivery of your package by the country's customs office.

More information HERE

From what amount is delivery free?

From 50 euros!

Can I return my products?

The return of your order is accepted, provided that your request for withdrawal is made within 14 days from the date of delivery. For more information: HERE

Secure payment

3D Secure payment with Stripe and Paypal.

Quick delivery

Shipping in 24/48h. Delivery possible in relay point

Eco-responsible packaging

We use eco-responsible packaging solutions to protect your products while protecting the planet. Fall for the reusable Hipli package, available for home delivery.


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