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I'm Chloe. And here is my tribe.

I'm Chloe! I'm 38 years old, I'm mixed race, I have very dry skin that doesn't heal well. I have textured and frizzy hair which is difficult to manage.

Mum of Margot , 8 years old, with very dry and very sensitive skin. Mum of Marin , 4 years old, for him the bath is a real moment of pleasure and fun! Mom of Romy , 2 years old, she hates shampoos, her beautiful curly hair is already very tangled. Married to Florian whose skin itches at the slightest change in temperature.

In solid cosmetics, it was very complicated, if not impossible, for us to find clean, effective, pleasant products that meet our specific needs. And talking around me, I found that there were many of us in this case!

After 14 years working in the cosmetics industry, I decided to create the solid beauty range, which wants more and which does more! In the name of you, me, all of us.

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Why On Behalf?

The observation is simple: we are ALL different! Age, skin color and nature, hair texture... Our difference makes us unique, it's our strength!

To have an impact, zero waste must therefore apply to everyone! But today, combining zero waste with inclusiveness and diversity is still a challenge.

Why? Not accessible to more complex, less "normal" needs, not accessible to consumers who are more demanding on their beauty routine, whether in terms of effectiveness or pleasure of use. We feel like we still have to make compromises , to use products that do not quite suit us.

The result? We still use liquid formulas...360 million plastic bottles of shower gels and shampoos are still thrown away every year in France!

Good news: the best beauty brand for ALL OF US 👦🏼👩🏾👨🏻‍🦱👩🏼‍🦱 and for the PLANET 🌍 is here!

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On Behalf. it means "in the name of"

Allowing as many people as possible to benefit from the best care without guilt (towards our planet) and without constraint (towards oneself!), that is the reason for On Behalf.

On Behalf means “In the name of”. More than a brand, it's a state of mind. That of taking care of yourself while taking care of the planet. That of wanting to commit to the planet while not forgetting to take care of yourself and have fun, above all. It is a collective commitment.

In the name of the planet, of future generations, of all of us, all different. And much more!

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