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Five tips for traveling serenely with your solid soap

The holidays are imminent and the good organizer that you are is already fine-tuning certain details so as not to be overwhelmed on D-Day? You are at the top ! It's a good idea to limit the mental load associated with planning a trip.

However, do you have any concerns about transporting and using solid soap during the trip? This is completely legitimate and to guide you as best as possible, we offer you five tips for going on vacation with your solid soap in peace .

Properly wrap your soap

If there's one thing that ruins a beauty routine , it's not having your usual soap and having to deal with what's there. To avoid this type of inconvenience, it is imperative to carry your soap. This must be part of your priority when preparing your suitcase.

The first thing to do to have your solid soap intact at your destination is to wrap it well before storing it in your suitcase . This way you ensure that it will not crumble. Soap dishes are a good option, but they are quite bulky and bulky. The ideal way to preserve it and transport it easily is the On Behalf carrying case .

With this accessory, you can even carry wet soap without any mess. In addition, it is light and takes up less space than a soap box. It is very practical and above all machine washable. The transport cover is reusable as much as necessary and follows you everywhere.

carrying case

Avoid prolonged contact of your solid soap with water

A solid soap will last for the duration of your vacation . However, you must prevent it from melting too quickly. If you keep it dry and especially in its suspended form , it can last between two and three months for the use of one person. Also remember to always turn off your shower faucet while you soap up.

A large amount of water in contact with the soap will cause it to foam enormously, which is wasteful. You don't need to soap yourself for long for your soap to lather up and get you clean. Remember that a solid soap in prolonged contact with water will take longer to dry afterwards.

Opt for hanging soap during your stay

At On Behalf, we make it a point of honor to make your life easier. We want your bar soap to last as long as possible. That's why we thought of hanging soaps . These are soaps with a recycled organic cotton rope to hang.

Their rounded shape allows you to lather them very quickly in your hands. So you don't have to pick them up and put them down all the time. This hanging shape promotes rapid drying of the soap , which will prevent you from transporting it wet in the event of a hasty departure.


Apart from hanging, you can opt for a soap dish, but not like the others. Choose a magnetic soap dish that makes it easy to hang your solid soap on any smooth surface. The soap also dries very quickly in such conditions.

Magnetic Soap Holder

Clean your face with your solid soap

There is nothing better than traveling light while having the essentials for your skin care. One of the advantages of our solid soaps is that they can be used as a make-up remover . By wetting your hands and rubbing them on your soap, you can effectively cleanse your face , taking care to avoid the eye area.

You no longer need to carry around a bunch of other liquid products to cleanse your face. You save space in your suitcase, while avoiding the problems associated with the transport of liquid products . Bonus point: we reduce your mental workload when preparing for your trip!

facial cleanser

Adopt mini formats for a short stay

Our standard size soaps last a long time. If you have to make a very short trip, choose mini formats . Smaller and lighter, they are much less bulky. You can then travel with the ideal amount for a few days.

There's nothing more satisfying than traveling light with everything you need.

Thanks to these tips, don't be afraid to travel with your solid soap, whether your stay is short or long. Even on vacation, we promise you an effective, pleasant and uncompromising beauty routine!



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