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Carrying your solid soap: the true/false of solid cosmetics while traveling

Do you hesitate to carry your solid soap in your suitcase? We tell you the whole truth about solid cosmetics while traveling!

Are you going on vacation soon and you hesitate to carry your bar soap? You have probably read or heard conflicting information about solid cosmetics: are they really economical? Can they travel in a suitcase? Do they last long enough? Don't panic, we'll help you sort out the real from the fake. Objective: to put an end to prejudice!

Carrying your solid soap in a suitcase takes up more space

FAKE. In addition to being small in size, solid soap is lighter than a plastic bottle filled with shower gel. And if you are part of the “washing gel for the face + shower gel for the body” team, then you will be delighted. Indeed, at On Behalf, our solid soaps are real two-in-one, since they adapt to the face and the body. So you save space in your suitcase or backpack. And the icing on the cake: our suspended cleansing treatments are also available in mini format , super practical for weekends and short getaways!

One solid soap is not enough for all my holidays

FAKE. Now you know: solid soap lasts a long time! Unless you are going away for several months, you can count on him throughout your stay. No more need to buy a shower gel in an emergency because the hotel one does not suit you or because yours is already finished. And then, when we're on vacation, we have other fish to fry. Not true ?

A solid soap box on the go, or nothing!

True and false. Opting for a solid soap box while traveling can be a solution to keep your soap dry. However, this is not the only way to keep it. Indeed, the carrying case is an eco-responsible and very practical option for transporting your solid soap when travelling. Lighter and less bulky than a box, it absorbs humidity and protects it from external aggressions.

At On Behalf, we handcraft our transport covers in absorbent foam cotton: “Carry me”. They are made in the Nantes region in a workshop employing people with disabilities (ESAT). They are also reusable, machine washable at 30° and even exist in different designs.

Carrying a solid soap while traveling is more economical

TRUE. Yes, a solid soap of 90 gr is equivalent to two or three bottles of shower gel. Its lifespan is therefore much longer than a liquid version. Not to mention that, as we said above, it can be used for the face and for the body. On vacation, you can count on our solid soap “Le suspended” which will follow you everywhere, from the shower to the bathtub, passing through the kitchen to wash your hands. Practical, right?

Solid soap is not accepted in cabin baggage

FAKE. And damn fake! Liquid cosmetics are subject to a whole bunch of restrictions: do not exceed 100 ml, place the containers in a special transparent bag, etc. A real headache when traveling by plane. The reality is quite different for solid soaps, which can be transported without any problem in your cabin baggage. You can therefore prepare your suitcase with peace of mind and avoid the little bit of stress at the security check.

Taking your solid soap on vacation is an eco-responsible act

TRUE. Carrying a solid soap while traveling is doing something for the environment! And it's even more the case if it's organic and made with 100% natural ingredients like at On Behalf . Compact and lightweight, it leaves only a small carbon footprint. And then, imagine: you go on a mop in your van or on a hike for several days in nature. The solid soap will keep you clean and leave no harmful traces behind! Significant assets if you are committed to protecting the planet.


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