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Tea tree soap: 4 reasons to adopt this purifying treatment all year round!

How about a tea tree soap? This purifying treatment can be used all year round and is suitable for all skin types. Indeed, if it is a major ally against oily skin, pimples and other imperfections, this surgras soap is also ideal for cleaning and moisturizing the face (and body) of the whole family. Here are 4 reasons to adopt it in all seasons.

Tea Tree soap: focus on the Pure Detox surgras face and body cleansing treatment

At On Behalf, we have designed a solid tea tree soap: the 100% natural and certified organic Pure Detox surgras cleansing care. Its formula is enriched with organic tea tree essential oil which has purifying and rebalancing benefits. This makes it a real ally in the fight against pimples and oily skin. But that's not all, this surgras soap is also formulated with nourishing natural ingredients, such as organic jojoba oil or organic coconut oil. Thus, it does not dry out the skin and leaves it perfectly nourished. This tea tree treatment is therefore ideal for skin with imperfections, but not only! It can be used by all skin types and by the whole family, all year round.

Tea tree soap: in the spring, for detoxified skin

In spring, the skin, already weakened by winter, can be even more abused by external aggressions. These promote the appearance of excess sebum and, ultimately, that of small imperfections, such as pimples. To regain clear skin, there's nothing like a face and body detox with a superfatted tea tree soap. The key is purified skin, thanks to the action of tea tree essential oil. With its nourishing formula, this soap does not make the skin dry, on the contrary it also helps to nourish it (a major asset to relieve dry skin that feels tight).

Tea tree soap: in summer, to mattify oily skin without drying it out

In summer, it is common to have excess sebum on the face. A phenomenon that promotes the appearance of imperfections. So, to restore the natural balance of the skin and prevent the appearance of pimples and thus mattify the skin, bet again on tea tree soap. Insert tea tree essential oil into a facial cleanser with an ideal mattifying action for oily skin. Soft, it also has the ability not to dry out the skin.

Tea tree soap: in autumn, to limit the rebound effect of pimples

After summer, in autumn, the skin can be subject to the famous rebound effect. The pimples then reappear on the face… To unclog clogged pores that accumulate sebum (responsible for this rebound effect), use a tea tree soap. It rids the skin of these impurities and gently purifies it. An effective anti-pimple solution to adopt from the start of the school year.

Tea tree soap: in winter, to purify your skin while moisturizing it

The Pure Detox tea tree soap from On Behalf is a superfatted solid soap, enriched with nutritious nourishing agents, which allows it to purify the skin without ever drying it out. It is an ideal solution in winter to gently cleanse the skin and nourish it intensely. Indeed, during the winter period, the skin tends to dry out and tightness and redness can point the tip of their nose. To soothe and counter the effects of the cold, bet on this cleansing treatment, which is suitable for all skin types and the whole family (from 6 years old because tea tree is an essential oil)

Directions for use: the 100% natural and certified organic Pure Detox surgras cleansing treatment can be used to purify the face and body. To do this, simply lather the solid soap suspended between your hands and then apply it to the face morning and/or evening (avoiding the eye area) and to the whole body.


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