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Solid soap: what dry skin should know!

No more tightness, irritation and cracked skin. Hello hydration and softness thanks to the solid soap for dry skin. We tell you everything!

Tightness, tingling, redness: small daily discomforts that you would do without. The solution ? Use surgras and moisturizing care, adapted to your epidermis. We would advise you to opt for a solid soap for dry skin. Why ? We take stock of this favorite cosmetic for sensitive skin and of which we are a fan at On Behalf.

Solid soap for dry skin is ideal for the body and face

Unlike most shower gels, solid soap is a real two-in-one. Yes, its formulation is so gentle that it can be used for cleansing your body and face.

In addition, the solid soap is composed of glycerin, a natural emollient agent with strong moisturizing power. With it, no tugging on the horizon! It forms a protective barrier while retaining water on your skin. Result: your skin is more supple and hydrated.


The advantages of making surgras soap for dry skin

Cold saponification is an ancestral method that consists of making soap without heat. It requires only two main ingredients: a fatty substance, which can be an oil or a vegetable substance, and caustic soda.

Since these components are not heated to high temperatures, their properties are fully preserved. In addition, the glycerin produced following the saponification process guarantees 100% natural hydration to your dry skin. At On Behalf, our surgras treatments on rope are cold saponified for maximum nutrition.

Solid soap for face and body soothes irritations of sensitive skin

Dry skin is more sensitive. Its hydrolipidic barrier being weakened, it is more vulnerable to external aggressions. It is therefore essential to choose a suitable cleansing treatment to soothe and repair your epidermis.

Thanks to the minimalist manufacture of solid soaps, their composition is healthier, natural and transparent. Say goodbye to chemical ingredients! Your skin will be able to benefit from the best of your soap to regenerate itself.

Which solid soap to choose? Our tips for dry skin

  • Take your skin type into account (dry, sensitive, combination, etc.) and its needs.
  • Favor organic components for optimal respect of your epidermis.
  • Opt for solid soaps made with vegetable oils and fats, rich in fatty acids and vitamins.
  • Choose a cold-processed soap that preserves all the virtues of its ingredients.
  • Bet on a solid soap with a 100% natural fragrance, less chemical and therefore less aggressive.
  • Avoid sulfates, which can be irritating and drying to your skin.

On Behalf soaps are cold saponified, certified organic, 100% natural, made with coconut oil, cocoa, shea and vegetable oils. Sulfate-free, preservative-free. Test quickly!


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