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White clay soap: what benefits for the face and skin?

What if you fell for a soap containing white clay? This natural, skin-friendly ingredient offers multiple benefits. We explain which ones to you. 

Among the natural ingredients that go into the composition of our solid cleansing care, we find mineral clays, including: white clay. Find out what are its benefits for the skin of the face and body. 

🌱 White clay: unparalleled softness

Used for centuries in cosmetics, white clay, also called kaolin, comes from a natural rock. Unlike its cousins, green clay or red clay, it has the particularity of being less rich in iron oxide. This is what gives it its white color and makes it a type of clay that is very gentle on the skin. 

Indeed, one of the main advantages of white clay is its ability to soothe and soften the epidermis, without drying it out. This is why it is particularly suitable for sensitive, dry or irritated skin, whether this treatment is in a face or body treatment. 

🌱 White clay: it matifies and purifies the skin

Other well-known advantages of white clay: its purifying and absorbing properties. This rock is indeed able to capture the impurities present on the skin, such as excess sebum and other dead cells. In addition, it detoxifies the epidermis and unclogs dilated pores while refining skin texture. Purified and mattified, the skin regains its clarity and radiance. 

Virtues that make white clay an essential ingredient to gently fight against imperfections. If you have pimples or oily skin, white clay soap is a care to test urgently. 

🌱 White clay: a fortifying and moisturizing active ingredient

Its natural richness in mineral salts (zinc, silicon, magnesium, etc.) and trace elements gives white clay regenerating properties for the skin. And for good reason, it is able to redistribute its active ingredients to remineralize the epidermis. With this beneficial cocktail, the skin is stronger against external aggressions. That's not all, beyond the softening, cleansing and fortifying properties, clay also promotes hydration of the skin. 

So many assets that make it an ingredient of choice in a soap and above all a universal active ingredient that adapts to all skin types and various needs. So, do not hesitate to favor this natural ingredient in your care and other solid soaps. At On Behalf, it is found in some of our solid soaps, especially in our cleansing care for children . 


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