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4 reasons to put a solid soap in your cabin luggage

Traveling light without giving up your beauty routine? Find out why carrying a solid soap in your cabin luggage is the solution.

The day of departure is approaching. But before arriving at your destination comes the dreaded moment: packing the suitcase and organizing the liquids. What cosmetic products to take? How not to give up your beauty routine for the face and body on vacation? We tell you why carrying a solid soap in your cabin luggage can be the solution!

Carry your solid soap while traveling to maintain your beauty routine

Who said that we had to deprive ourselves of our favorite cosmetic products when we go on a mop? Imagine: you arrive at your destination without your solid soap and you have no choice but to use the hotel's shower gel. Result: tight skin, not always pleasant smell, and above all opaque composition. A real sacrilege!

Fortunately, you can take your solid soap , your solid stick and even your solid shampoo on the plane. Thus, you continue to apply your beauty gestures wherever you are on the globe. No need to scare your skin and hair anymore, they will be treated with love like at home.

Solid soap in cabin baggage is accepted without weight or size limit

We know how complicated it is to prepare your suitcase when transporting liquids by plane (a means of transport to be taken in moderation of course). Do not exceed 100 ml, place them in a small suitable transparent bag, take them out of our luggage for the security check. And the hardest part: transferring them from the original container to the travel size bottles.

Good news: solid cosmetics are not subject to all these restrictions. You can therefore slip your solid soap into your cabin suitcase without fear that it will end up in the airport trash can.

Solid cosmetics are (much) more practical!

Smaller and lighter, soaps and other solid cosmetics take up less space in your cabin baggage. For example, a surgras soap for the body and the face will occupy less space than a bottle of washing gel for the face and a shower gel for the liquid body. The same goes for shampoo and conditioner. They will be more practical to transport in a solid format and lighter, because they have no packaging. The solid stick is also easy to take with you everywhere. It is also ideal when traveling because it can be used on sores, scars or even mosquito bites...

Putting a solid soap in your suitcase is doing something for the planet

If you opt for a solid soap made of 100% natural ingredients (and moreover those of On Behalf are 100% organic), you are not only doing something for your skin, but also for the environment. Indeed, a cosmetic product of this type respects your skin thanks to its healthy substances, without pesticides. It's the same principle for the planet: biodegradable, it will have no harmful consequences on nature.

In addition, a solid soap has a lifespan twice as long as a bottled liquid soap. And then, solid cosmetics are sold with cardboard packaging which is more easily recycled than the plastic contained in the containers of shower gels, shampoos and other liquid beauty products.

How to transport your solid soap?

First thing: we avoid dragging it as it is, without any protection without its suitcase or backpack. This is indeed the best way to find it all dented and to wet your things if it is not completely dry. You can also transport your soap in a special box. However, it is not the lightest option.

In our opinion, the ideal solution is to store it in a carrying case . Less bulky and lighter than a box, it protects your soap (even wet) during your plane trip. At On Behalf, we handcraft our covers in absorbent foam cotton: “Carry me”. They exist in 3 colors, and are machine washable. Transport covers are a simple, accessible, zero-waste and reusable packaging solution. They have everything to please to follow you anywhere!


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