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The 10 commandments of solid soap when traveling

Are you slipping a solid soap into your suitcase for the first time? Discover our 10 commandments of solid soap while traveling.

It's decided: solid soap will be part of the cosmetics that will accompany you during your little (or big) journey! But before slipping it into your backpack or suitcase, it is important to know some rules to make the most of it during your stay. Transport, use and storage conditions, preferred composition… Here are the 10 commandments of solid soap when travelling!

Solid soap on the trip you will take, wherever you are

Whatever your destination, solid soap is essential! Whether you are going camping in the Vercors, on a weekend in Italy or on a road trip for several weeks in Asia, solid soap is THE essential travel companion for the good of your skin, but also for that of the planet!

A cover to carry your solid soap while traveling you will use

While it may be tempting to opt for a sturdy box of soap when traveling, it may not be the best option! We advise you to use a carrying case specially designed to store your soap. Lighter and less bulky than a box, it protects against knocks and absorbs moisture like a pro.

At On Behalf, we handcraft our absorbent foam cotton covers: “Carry Me” (available in multiple designs). In addition to being very practical, they are machine washable at 30°C.

With 100% natural solid soap you will wash

Are you going on a stay in nature? The 100% clean composition of solid soaps made from natural ingredients leaves no harmful traces behind. Vegetation and small insects will thank you.

A soap adapted to your skin type you will choose

Dry , sensitive skin does not have the same needs as blemish-prone skin. So, be sure to choose the composition of your soap, with vegetable and essential oils whose properties are adapted to your skin.

At On Behalf, we offer suspended surgras cleansing treatments suitable for all skin types and formulated for the body and face:

In your hands you will emulsify it

Anti-waste alert: a soap does not rub directly on your body! This is the guarantee of melting it too quickly. So, to make it last longer, gently rub it in your hands, put it down and then apply it to your skin. You will see that it lathers just as well.

The restrictions of liquids on the plane you will forget

No more headaches to limit yourself to 100 ml in a small plastic bag! If you decide to carry your bar soap while traveling and especially on the plane, you will no longer need to skimp on the quantity of your favorite care products. Yes, this restriction does not apply to solid cosmetics. You can therefore take your soap in your cabin baggage .

A soap without plastic packaging you will buy

What's the point of using solid soap if it's wrapped in plastic? To avoid this fatal contradiction, opt for an eco-responsible container like cardboard. It will protect your soap just as much, but above all, it will respect the planet.

To liquid cosmetics you will not give in

When you have tasted the joys of solid soap during your vacation, replacing your liquid care with solid cosmetics will become obvious! Say goodbye to bottled shampoo and conditioner. When travelling, we focus on an eco-responsible and healthier beauty routine for your skin.

Solid soap without palm oil you will prefer

You certainly already know it: the production of this vegetable oil is at the origin of deforestation and the extinction of animals, in particular orangutans. It is therefore imperative to bet on solid soaps without palm oil for the good of the planet .

Let your solid soap dry, you will do

In order for your soap to last longer during your trip, it is important to let it air dry thoroughly after each use. The ideal is to place it on a soap dish, but if you don't have one, any dry surface will do!

At On Behalf, we offer 100% recycled plastic and ceramic soap dishes, made with love in Brittany.


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