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Become a zero waste family: think about solid cosmetics!

If your goal is to become a zero waste family, then this article is for you! Discover our tips that are easy to apply on a daily basis. 

What if you changed your habits for the good of the planet? All you need to do is make a few resolutions to limit your waste and use more natural products on a daily basis. Thanks to these new eco-responsible resolutions, you are helping to protect the planet, but also your health. What if you started by swapping your liquid care for solid cosmetics? Discover our tips for becoming a zero waste family (or almost).

Become a zero waste family thanks to solid cosmetics

Avoiding overconsumption is one of the goals of a zero waste lifestyle. And precisely, shower gels and other liquid treatments do not last very long. They must be renewed regularly and therefore consume more and more plastic bottles. Then, the production of these cosmetics requires a lot of water, and their ingredients are not always very clean… On the program: preservatives and other controversial components.

Solid cosmetics, especially those that are natural and certified organic, require little water and ingredients for their development. These being 100% of natural origin, they do not leave harmful residues for the planet. In addition, cardboard packaging for solid cosmetics is eco-responsible and therefore much less polluting than plastic bottles. Another advantage: solid cosmetics are compact and light. They therefore leave a low carbon footprint.

In addition to their zero waste action, solid cosmetics are very practical

Yes, solid cosmetics are extremely practical. You can carry them everywhere, even in your cabin suitcase! Unlike liquid care, which must comply with strict regulations on the plane, soaps and other solid cosmetics are not subject to weight or size limits.

In addition, the bar soap is so mild that it can be used for the face and the body. No more facial cleansers that you have to buy in addition to your shower gel! Last but not least: solid cosmetics last 2 to 3 times longer than liquid care. Good news for your wallet, but also for the planet.

At On Behalf, we handcraft 100% natural solid soaps for the whole family. Suspended from their customizable colored rope, they are even more practical to use in the shower! The key: saving time, optimal drying and better preservation.

Zero waste on a daily basis: a few simple tips to adopt

Changing your habits in order to reduce your plastic consumption and limit your waste is an approach that is being put in place little by little, whatever your living environment.

Almost zero waste family: an essential practical guide!

Sometimes, it may be necessary to be accompanied to embark (seriously) on the adventure of zero waste. Jérémie Pichon and Bénédicte Moret, the authors of “Family almost zero waste”, have decided to create a logbook full of advice and useful tips for improving your family eco-balance. Thanks to a detailed action plan and 10 zero waste challenges, you can implement more environmentally friendly habits in your home.

Easy zero waste at home: some tips

Ideally, becoming a zero waste family does not stop at solid cosmetics! Here are some simple tips to apply on a daily basis to preserve the planet:

  • replace conventional hygiene products with more natural products, without plastic packaging;
  • use reusable cotton;
  • swap paper towels for washable tea towels;
  • replace plastic bags with reusable bags;
  • drink tap water rather than bottled water;
  • compost organic waste…


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