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Dry and sensitive skin: what routine and what ingredients to take care of it?

Discover all our tips to pamper your dry and sensitive skin! Find soft, supple and soothed skin thanks to an adapted routine.

Having dry and sensitive skin is a burden we could do without! Very vulnerable, this type of skin shows signs of discomfort such as tightness, tingling, fine lines of dehydration or even itching. Particularly reactive, it is also prone to redness. So, to relieve it, it is important to bet on an adapted care routine.  Discover our best tips for pampering your dry and sensitive skin on a daily basis!

What is dry and sensitive skin?

Dry and sensitive skin is characterized by a feeling of discomfort on a daily basis. It is a skin whose protective film is weakened, which makes it more exposed to external aggressions. Fine lines of dehydration may appear, sometimes accompanied by flaking, redness and itching. Its epidermis requires more hydration than other skin types in order to rebalance its sebum production.

Dry and sensitive skin: gently remove make-up and cleanse your face

The make-up removal and cleansing stage is a must before going to bed. The goal ? Say goodbye to the impurities accumulated during the day. Indeed, your skin must be clean so that it can regenerate during the night. This is even more important for dry and sensitive skin, which may experience feelings of discomfort in the evening. To do this, be sure to use a gentle make-up remover, preferably oil-based, and a cleansing lotion or a superfatted soap with a neutral PH.

Dry and sensitive skin: use a surgras soap for the face and body

Unlike conventional soaps, surgras soap is enriched with superfatting nutrients. Most often, several vegetable oils are used to take advantage of all their moisturizing benefits. This type of soap restores the hydrolipidic film of the skin, while creating a shield so that water does not escape. Thus, the epidermis is supple and protected against external aggressions.

At On Behalf, we make 100% natural and certified organic surgras soaps: “Les suspendeds” . Real care, they leave the skin perfectly nourished and soft. And icing on the cake: this type of soap has the advantage of being able to gently cleanse your body, but also your face. For dry skin in search of luminosity, we recommend using our organic surgras cleansing treatment, coup d'radiance.

Dry and sensitive skin: favor organic and natural cosmetics

You probably already know this: chemicals tend to attack your skin and dry it out even more. Subsequently, this dehydration causes irritation and tightness. A real vicious circle that must be broken as soon as possible! Indeed, your dry and sensitive skin needs a maximum of softness and a minimum of ingredients. Opt for simple and transparent formulations, based on natural and fragrance-free products, such as certified organic cosmetics.

This is the case at On Behalf , our formulas are minimalist with a strict formulation charter, so that they do not contain any controversial ingredients (sulphate, silicone, etc.).

Jojoba oil for dry and sensitive skin: the essential ally

Did you know ? Jojoba oil is known for its moisturizing and nourishing properties. This vegetable oil is also excellent for soothing sensitive skin, since it stimulates the production of collagen, while protecting the cells of the epidermis from dehydration. Finally, it restores suppleness and elasticity to dry and sensitive skin. It is therefore the star ingredient to have in a solid soap or face care if you have this type of skin.

At On Behalf, we use organic jojoba oil in the formulation of various soaps, such as the Pure Detox certified organic surgras cleansing care.


Clay for dry and sensitive skin: purifying and moisturizing

There are different types of clay, characterized by their color: green, white, red, pink or even yellow. If you have dry and sensitive skin, then white clay suits you best and can be interesting in your solid cosmetics. Less rich in minerals than green clay, it does not attack the epidermis.

At On Behalf, we use mineral clay in all our cleansing treatments ( children and adults ).

Drink plenty of water to hydrate your skin

You are aware that drinking plenty of water is essential to keep your skin hydrated. But do you really do it? A quick reminder: the skin is made up of 64% water. This is eliminated throughout the day by the kidneys and the pores of the skin. It is therefore important to compensate for this loss (especially in summer!) in order to keep your skin hydrated. So remember to drink at least 1.5 liters of water a day to maintain supple and glowing skin!

What natural soap for very dry skin?

As we have seen above, surgras soap is ideal for dry skin. Its nourishing properties deeply moisturize the skin and soothe irritation.  Thanks to its great softness, it can be used morning and care, both on the body and on the face.

To cleanse your very dry skin, choose an organic soap formulated with natural ingredients. Indeed, it is important to opt for a healthy composition without chemical perfume so as not to dry out your skin even more.


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