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How to properly store your solid soap?

The solid soap is a washing care that should be well preserved. This is how you can keep it longer. Our practical expert tips for solid care.

Solid soap: a long duration of use

The advantages of a solid soap are numerous. In addition to its effectiveness, its clean formulation and its ecological character, it proves to be an economical and long-lasting cleansing treatment. And yes, solid cosmetics have a longer shelf life than their liquid cousins. On average, a solid soap lasts between 2 and 3 months (that's the equivalent of 2 to 3 bottles of 250ml shower gel!). But for that, it is necessary to keep them well so that the pleasure of taking care of yourself lasts as long as possible. We explain how to do it, before and after use.

How to store solid soap before use?

It's easy, before using your solid soap, just store it in a dry cupboard. Do not hesitate to leave it in its packaging which aims to protect the product.

Please note: At On Behalf, our solid cleansing products contain as little packaging as possible and the cardboard or paper used for protection is FSC certified.

How to store solid soap after use?

To properly preserve a solid soap, you must above all avoid letting it “bathe” in water (or on the edge of the bathtub), at the risk of seeing it melt at high speed. Its number one enemy is none other than humidity. Thus, if it remains wet, your soap will inevitably have a worse conservation and a much shorter lifespan.

In order to keep a solid soap, the ideal is to let it dry in the open air. Good news: at On Behalf we have designed accessories specially designed for quick and optimal drying of your solid soaps.

The accessories to use to keep a solid soap

If we developed soaps with organic formulas without compromise, we also wanted solid soaps without constraint. This is why we have created a range of accessories designed for drying your solid care products. So you can use:

  • a cord : this is what we offer with our range of “Suspendus” cleansing treatments . The rope allows you to hang the soap for better drying and to facilitate its daily use;
  • a ceramic or recycled plastic soap dish: with its small holes at the bottom, the soap dish ensures faster water evacuation. This promotes the rapid drying of the soap and a better conservation;
  • a magnetic soap dish with suction cup : this soap dish hangs on a flat surface in the bathroom and allows the soap to dry quickly to keep it longer.

Did you know ? Cleansers from On Behalf have a hole in their center that allows you to pass a rope to hang them up. But this hole also has another use: it allows the soap to dry better when it is on a soap dish.


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