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Children's hair: how to take care of it?

Discover our 5 tips for taking care of your child's hair. Goal: a healthy scalp and soft hair!

It is important to adopt good hygiene practices for your child. We help you develop good habits so that your toddler maintains a healthy scalp and soft, clean and hydrated hair. From solid shampoo to washing frequency, including detangling, here are our 5 tips for taking care of your child's hair!

Take care of your child's hair with suitable products

Just like their skin, children's scalps are particularly delicate. It is therefore important to adopt an ultra gentle care routine, with products whose composition is safe and respectful of their hair and their epidermis.

It is preferable to use the same cleansing care for the hair, face and body, and to favor products intended for sensitive skin, without dyes or preservatives. Also, make sure that the fragrances present are natural.

Use a solid shampoo for children, for a gentle and eco-responsible wash

The solid shampoo for children is an excellent alternative to classic shampoo. Not only because it provides a very gentle cleansing of the scalp, but also because it is less aggressive. Indeed, its composition is generally much less complex and much more transparent.

Did you know that a solid shampoo is equivalent to one or two bottles of liquid shampoo? This is without counting on its healthy formulation, which does not leave harmful traces in nature. And then, the plastic-free packaging of solid shampoos also helps to reduce your carbon footprint. Strong arguments to protect the planet!

Bet on a solid shampoo for sensitive scalp

The scalp of children, and especially the little ones, is sensitive. If you opt for a solid shampoo, remember to favor an organic product, made from natural ingredients. This healthy composition, unlike that of other classic shampoos, will guarantee you optimal respect for the scalp, but also for your child's health.

At On Behalf, we manufacture gentle cleansing care , shower shampoos for children and adolescents that are 100% natural and certified organic. Specially formulated for sensitive scalps, they also gently cleanse the face and body.

Adopt the right washing frequency

Sweat, dust, sand and other festivities can invite themselves into your child's little mane. Experts advise washing their hair once or twice a week. Indeed, before the onset of adolescence, their hormones are still at rest, which allows their scalp not to regrease too quickly.

So, the best thing to do is to observe your child's hair and decide whether or not it's worth cleaning. Obviously, if he leaves the swimming pool or a bathing session in the sea, it is recommended to wash his hair in order to remove the chlorine or salt residues.

Detangle your child's hair regularly

Often very dreaded by toddlers, this step is nevertheless very important for the care of their hair. You have to do it every day, trying to find the right moment to avoid crying spells. Choose to detangle your child's hair when you're quiet, and don't forget to add lots of love and kind words. Note that On Behalf gentle cleansing care contains detangling agents, specifically to help detangle children's hair.

As for the type of comb to use, choose it preferably with wide teeth. Separate the hair into 4 or even 6 parts in order to untangle it little by little.

You can also use a detangling brush specially designed for children , which offers gentle brushing and respects the scalp.


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