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Boost your self-esteem: 4 books to read this summer

What if a self-esteem book could change how you see yourself? We offer you 4 essential books to read in the sun.

Self-esteem is linked to the perception we have of ourselves and the value we place on ourselves. When it is altered, it is the devaluation and dependence on the gaze of others that point the tip of their nose. Because it's summer and reading in the sun is good, the On Behalf team recommends 4 books on self-esteem to help you love yourself more... and better!

Book on self-esteem: your ally to (re)learn to love yourself!

Having a positive self-esteem means being aware of one's strengths, values, qualities, and opinions. It's taking a benevolent look at who you are.

It's a real virtuous circle that starts with profound change. Reading a self-esteem book can be the first step on your journey to accepting and valuing who you are.

Imperfect, free and happy: practices of self-esteem by Christophe André

Perfection does not exist, and so much the better! In this book, psychiatrist Christophe André gives you the keys to detaching yourself from the gaze of others and accepting your weaknesses. You will also learn how to build, repair and protect your self-esteem to love yourself no matter what.

50 self-esteem exercises by Laurie Hawkes

This book is a real tool to boost your self-esteem through various activities such as personality tests, MCQs or even introspective questionnaires. You will discover how to no longer fear the judgment of others and have confidence in yourself.

30 days to boost Valérie Richard's self-esteem

On the program: a journey in 15 stages over 30 days to take a more positive look at yourself. Day after day, you will improve your self-esteem and your self-confidence. You will learn to love yourself and live more peacefully.

Self-esteem, self-confidence, self-love by Patrice Ras

This book is based on these three interdependent concepts that are essential to happiness. The author offers you a complete assessment to know where you are in each of them. You will then discover the solutions adapted to your situation to find a balance and reconcile with yourself.

How to boost your self-esteem? Some tips

Because we want you to love yourself, here are our little tips to apply (without limits) on a daily basis:

  • Forgive yourself;
  • Avoid self-criticism;
  • Cultivate positive thinking;
  • Learn to say no;
  • Take care of yourself ;
  • Think about the people who love you.


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