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5 misconceptions about solid soap!

It's time to sort out the real from the fake about solid cosmetics and in particular about solid soaps. If some give them, wrongly, a bad reputation, at On Behalf we have made our face and body cleansing treatments real concentrates of efficiency and sensoriality. Effective, nourishing, foaming, practical, fragrant… bar soap is your skin's (and the planet's) ally. Back on 5 received ideas that stick to his skin and to forget urgently!

👉 Solid soap doesn't foam

One of the most persistent misconceptions about solid soap is its non-foaming nature. However, this is a misconception.

Indeed, a solid cleansing care can foam, without adding additives or other surfactants. How ? Thanks to the artisanal process of cold saponification. This manufacturing technique makes it possible to preserve the properties of the ingredients while lathering the soap naturally! A point that ensures a unique sensoriality to your solid soap.

At On Behalf, it is for this method that we have opted to formulate our cleansing care. The key: a solid soap that foams and without compromising on the ingredients.

👉 Solid soap dries the skin

It's wrong ! Jojoba, sweet almond, avocado, olive, coconut oil or even Shea butter… At On Behalf, our soaps have been specially formulated to be highly nourishing. This is why they are also called surgras soaps . A type of soap, which cleans the skin while nourishing it (without ever drying it out).

How ? Once again, thanks to cold saponification, an artisanal method used for the formulation of our surgras treatments and which allows the different properties of nutritive oils to be preserved and which naturally produces glycerin, a natural emollient agent with strong moisturizing. The key: the epidermis is more supple and hydrated.

👉 Solid soap doesn't keep well

This is an idea that has a hard life. But at On Behalf we have found the solution! We explain to you. Indeed, what can alter the shelf life of a solid soap is to bathe it in water (or on the edge of the bathtub). But, hung in the shower or placed on a suitable soap dish , a solid soap dries quickly and optimally after use. A simple and unconstrained gesture, which should be adopted for the long-term preservation of your cleansing care.

Did you know ? A solid soap lasts on average 2 to 3 months. This corresponds to 2 to 3 bottles of 250ml shower gel.

👉 Solid soap doesn't smell good

Get that idea out of your head! Just because a solid soap formulation is clean and natural, doesn't mean it doesn't have addictive scents.

At On Behalf, we develop our products with a great French artisan perfumer! The selected perfumes are made in Grasse, they are 100% natural cosmos certified and are allergen-free. The key: a moment of pure pleasure in the shower without compromising on the safety of the formulation!

The perfumes that will make you addicted? The Coconut, Sandalwood, Tonka Bean scent of the “Exfoliate Me” cleansing treatment , the fresh scent (cucumber, peppermint, cedar) of the “Pure Détox” treatment , or the sweet scent of the “Coup d’ Éclat” cleansing treatment (almond, banana, brown sugar).


In the name of you, me, all of us

On Behalf is a beauty product company on a mission to help as many people as possible achieve zero waste beauty, by going further, by doing things differently.

A brand with impact but above all committed, which pushes the limits of eco-responsibility FOR ALL. A supportive brand that has inclusiveness, diversity, fairness, acceptance and self-love at the heart of its values.



Great soap, great concept, and it smells so good, the family is unanimous! It even gives me ideas for little gifts for Christmas, thank you! - LaureEva

super nice

I use detox and radiance soaps, I am very satisfied with these products! Whether for the face or the body, the skin does not feel tight and the smell is very pleasant.
The cord is very practical for the shower! - Gaelle T.

Super pleasant leaves the skin clean soft …

Although I adore them all, I still have a preference for the "Coup d'Eclat" suspended soap, which leaves the skin soft and has a very pleasant light fragrance...
As for the "Carry me" balm, it is great for healing...
I gladly gave up my solid soap which left white marks on my skin…..
And super well rated by YUCA: Excellent a 100% - Ouattara


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